Donal Óg Cusack and Nikki Symmons are to star in a live webinar next Thursday, June 25th as part of the Dublin Digital Pride Festival and the GCN In and Out Festival.

The event, entitled “Standing Proud in Irish Sport: My Life as an Elite LGBTQ+ Athlete” is being hosted by Sporting Pride, the association tasked with getting the LGBTQ+ community active.

It will be hosted and the two high profile stars will
talk together openly and honestly about their personal experiences from the role sport played in their growing up, the attitudes of their teammates and coaches and the process they went through in coming out.

Anna Nolan will host the show which will be live streamed on the Dublin Pride Website and Facebook Channel.

“We are delighted to facilitate this webinar where elite Irish athletes will come together for the first time to discuss their personal experiences of being LGBTQ+ in sport,” said Aidan Walsh, Chair of Sporting Pride.

“Their stories will give a unique and valuable insight into the challenges facing administrators trying to make sport in Ireland a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all.”


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