The Camogie Association has launched Skill Evolution, a suite of videos that provides coaches, teachers, parents and players a modern look at the technical skills of the game of Camogie and their progression across the player’s phased development.

This resource provides an easily accessible tool that endeavours to maximise skill practices within Camogie’s youngest players in their formative years, through to the adult player who continues to refine their skill set in preparation for competitive action at club level and beyond.

“The Games Development team looked first at the changing and differing learning needs of the modern coach and player,” said Liam Clancy of the Camogie Association.

“We wanted to create something which lent itself to the modern player and something that would stimulate a clear vision of where a player/group of players are in their development, where they are going, and give direction in getting there through their practices”.

Skill Evolution exhibits fifteen of the technical skills of the game of Camogie. Under 8, Under 12, Under 16 and Adult players act as signposts within the development of each skill providing a visual representation of the skill in action whilst also providing succinct and appropriate coaching cues through the voiceover of Ciara Doyle from Scariff-Ogonelloe Camogie Club.

“Skill Evolution can be utilised by all our members in a variety of ways, be it volunteering at underage Go Games level, involvement in speed leagues at youth level, or incorporating it as part of our many existing programmes such as the MNA Hurl With Me Programme,” added Louise Conlon, Technical Development and Participation Manager.

“Skill Evolution offers viewers a vibrant insight into the modern-day Camogie player, as they progress through the phases of the Gaelic Games Player Pathway”.

The Association said that they had looked across multiple sports to learn from how skills are taught in a remote or virtual fashion but decided to recast the approach entirely.


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