Intermediate and Junior County Teams from stronger counties in Camogie will be able to return to inter-county training on 19th April having been left out of the exemption for last year’s Championships.

Minister for Mental Health Mary Barry from Waterford tweeted yesterday that she had been given confirmation by the Minister of State for Sport Jack Chambers that this would be the case.

Sport for Business had raised the issue as one that could easily be remedied and we are delighted this does appear now to have happened.

It will not impact on the Littlewoods National League which will be the first competitive action to return for the sport from May but it will enable teams to train and prepare for the All Ireland Championships that will take place later in the summer.

Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny and Tipperary missed out on fielding teams in the Intermediate Championship last year while Clare, Limerick, Offaly, Waterford and Wexford’s absence decimated the line up in the Junior Championship.

Running a second team at the lower levels is seen as a major step in terms of development and has produced many players that have cut their teeth there before going on the senior level.

Camogie is the only one of the Gaelic Games that still operates this means of encouraging greater access in the more successful counties.


Sport for Business Partners