As part of Women in Sport Week, the Dublin City Council Sport and Wellbeing Partnership is running a programme of no fewer than 75 individual events aimed at encouraging female participation from every age and across a wide range of activities.

From circuit classes and aqua aerobics to a Heels and Whhels cycle to beginners Pickleball classes, the breadth of activity is dizzying.

Working in partnership with co-funded sports officers in Football, Rugby, Gaelic Games, Athletics, Cycling, Cricket, swimming and Boxing, the events are a statement of intent to show the wide variety of activities that are available in the most populous local authority in the country.

Sports Centres and clubs across the city have opened up their facilities to be part of the programme of events and they are also taking place in schools, community centres and the great outdoors.

There are runs and walks, boxing taster sessions in Ringsend and a Sevens rugby tournament in Energia Park in Donnybrook, all aimed at bringing sport and being active to life for girls and women.

Here is the full lineup of activities.  It really is a credit to the teams behind them.