To mark the launch of Phase 1 of the GAA Green Club Programme, the Easy Treesie – Crann Project supported by Coillte and Trees on the Land have agreed to provide GAA, Camogie and LGFA clubs with a generous allocation of native tree saplings, which due to current restrictions on access to Clubs will be distributed at the beginning of the next planting season in November.

Coillte and Trees on the Land will donate and deliver 45,000 native saplings to the project.

The saplings will be used to create shelter belts, planted along walkways and to generally enhance the natural landscape and biodiversity of the site.

Planting trees is included in the 5 ways to make clubs biodiversity-friendly as identified in the recently published guidelines on pollinator-friendly management of sports clubs by the National Biodiversity Datacentre.

Biodiversity is one of 5 themes being explored through the Green Club Programme, which is a partnership between the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Association and local authorities across Ireland.

The Easy Treesie Project aims to plant 1 million trees with Ireland’s 1 million school children and their communities by 2023 joining the UNESCO-backed Plant-for-the-planet’s challenge, reducing global heating by 1° during the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, 2021-31.

To mark National Tree Week The President of the GAA, Larry McCarthy, planted a native oak, presented by Orla Farrell, Project lead of Easy Treesie.

The planting took place on Fingal County Council land at Malahide Castle adjacent to the St Sylvester’s GAA playing fields.

“We are delighted to support the GAA with this initiative which will help restore biodiversity in communities across the island,” said Farrell.

“We would like to thank our many supporters who have successfully started this work in recent years, planting 14,000 saplings and apple trees with several GAA clubs and their communities.”

“The GAA, along with our sister organisations are very grateful for the donation of these native saplings to our clubs,” added McCarthy.

“While reinforcing our responsibility to our environment through the Green Club Programme we will also be exploring how our Clubs function from a sustainability perspective, in terms of energy use, water, waste and transport. This work is directly related to our values of Community Identity, Respect and Teamwork and reflects the best of our manifesto ‘’Where We All Belong’’.


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