The opportunity to read your customers minds has moved from the realms of science fiction to the actual world of business. Future Proof Insights is the latest development in this area and is launched this morning by Dublin-based marketing agency Future Proof Media.

Its aim is to read the minds of consumers, using the latest neuromarketing technology in order to help remove any pre-campaign anxiety for marketers and strategists

The proposition is that traditional market research options on their own are susceptible to inaccuracies of consumer memory, difficulties in articulating emotion, response biases and an overall unwillingness to share details on difficult topics.

Using panels drawn to specific sets of criteria, the service will launch initially using remote technology with the opportunity of moving into the more advanced physical testing when that is permitted through the easing of Covid restrictions.

The rangoe of testing will include eye-tracking, facial coding, galvanic skin responses, EEG analysis of currents in the brain, ECG analysis of heart rate and more traditional question based research.

Together they will test the emotional as well as the intellectual response to a campaign or individual piece of marketing.

It is said that up to 95 per cent of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously and it is emotion that really drives these behaviours, so the value of knowing what that might be in advance is clear.

“We are very excited to bring this cutting-edge offering to the market here in Ireland,” said Future Proof Co-Founder Sean Higgins.

“Through the work of our marketing agency, Future Proof Media, we have first-hand experience of the limitations of traditional market research methods and creative testing where you rely on the memory of respondents and are at the mercy of their willingness to share their true feelings as opposed to what’s ‘socially acceptable’.”

“Our aim is to remove all guesswork from the creative process to help brands design products and campaigns that actually enhance the lives of their customers.”

Find out more about this initiative tomorrow morning when we will have Sean Higgins on the Sport for Business Daily.


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