Ireland wakes up this morning to a new name on one of it’s sporting bodies with the birth of Rásaíocht Con Éireann or Greyhound Racing Ireland.

The old identity of the Irish Greyhound Board has been replaced following the enactment of the Greyhound Racing Act of 2019.

The sport will now benefit from a modernised legislative framework representing a significant updating and enhancement of the Greyhound Industry Act, 1958.

The provisions enacted today by Minister for Agriculture, Food and The Marine Charlie McConalogue provide for an expanded Board of nine members as well as laying the foundation for a new traceability system for racing greyhounds; enhanced powers for authorised officers; a more robust and modern regulatory framework and ultimately the updating of racing sanctions to be administered by an independent Control Committee and an Appeal Committee.

The members of those bodies will be appointed by the Minister following an open selection process.

“The Board very much welcomes the Minister’s decision to bring this legislation into effect,” said Chairman Frank Nyhan.

“Over a phased period we look forward to a complete overhaul of the statutory framework governing greyhound racing in Ireland.”

“The sections of the Act commenced today begin the journey towards a new era for greyhound racing.”

“It also facilitates the Board in focusing on its core activity of greyhound racing underpinned by our priority objective of achieving the highest standards of care and welfare for the racing greyhound.”

“The Greyhound Racing Act of 2019 when fully implemented will enable us to ensure the important heritage associated with greyhound racing in Ireland can continue under the appropriate rules and regulations expected in a modern sport. As Rásaíocht Con Éireann we very much look forward to a new chapter for greyhound racing for all those who participate in and enjoy this fantastic sport.”

The Greyhound Racing Act 2019 will be phased in over the next twelve months as the necessary processes for the relevant Board and Committee appointments are advanced and the new statutory regulations to be made under the 2019 Act are put in place.