It can be tough to put yourself out there and ask for people’s opinion on what you are doing but fair play to Volleyball Ireland who have shared with us for publication the result of their annual stakeholder survey.

The work was done last year and that gives a performance benchmark for how the organisation is felt to have done across a range of areas from governance to marketing, education to participation.

The concept and the benchmarking questions were inspired by the UEFA Grow project presented by Noel Mooney at the Aviva stadium in early 2019 as part of a Federation of Irish Sport breakfast which Sport for Business partnered on.

UEFA provided the same questions that they use to assess the perception of their own national federations.

Actions arise from the work as well with last years version providing a range of ideas which Volleyball Ireland has since implemented including regular newsletters, an online player registration system, a coaching workshop series and a move to a fun non-competitive primary school competition.

“The Stakeholder survey is really important as the ideas and suggestions impact our operational plans and programmes,” said General Manager Gary Stewart.

“Last year we had around 65 responses with a range of brilliant ideas, some of which we’ve managed to put in place.”

“I’m not concerned with the actual scores we get, our focus is we improve and get better in every area, year on year. That’s what we strive for and as a members organisation it’s vital our members are the ones to judge that.”

“Last year around 5 per cent of licensed playing members completed the survey. Now with the weekly newsletter engaging over 1700 subscribers, Gary is delighted the numbers completing the survey have almost doubled.”

“This gives us even more information to work with and more ideas to implement. Naturally, we have a lot of conversations with people over the year and getting feedback that way is great, but having hard data and scores that can be measured is invaluable.”