Cuala GAA Club won their 8th Dublin Senior Hurling Championship yesterday and did so wearing shirts that would enrage Donald Trump were he tuning in to watch on Dublin GAA’s live streaming service.

Huawei Ireland announced on Friday that it is renewing its sponsorship of Cuala GAA’s senior hurling team, with the world’s largest ICT company set to remain as the primary sponsor for the 2020/21 season.

The announcement marks Huawei Ireland’s fourth season supporting the reigning Dublin senior hurling champions and is the Irish expression of a global relationship with sporting dating back almost a decade.

Partnerships have focused on soccer with Arsenal, Borrusia Dortmund and Ajax all wearing the logo in Europe and other deals struck in Africa, Australasia and South America.

The company has been a bete noir of Donald Trump for some time because of his fear over links between China and technology infrastructure but the business trades on successfully as one of the global leaders in its field.

“We are delighted to be in a position to continue our sponsorship with Cuala GAA’s senior hurling team,” said Huawei ireland CEO Tony Yangxu.

“So many people have enjoyed the team’s success over the past few years, and we have seen many times how all aspects of sport, whether playing or supporting, can generate a positive feeling in our local communities. We look forward to seeing the team continue to go from strength to strength, and we wish them every success over the season ahead.”

“Having already been a sponsorship partner since 2017, we really appreciate their commitment to the team,” said Cuala Hurling Chairman Barry O’Halloran.

“Like all GAA clubs Cuala is acutely aware of the important role we play in the local community, particularly at this time. The club strives to provide our members with the best opportunities to participate in our games while also generating a strong sense of belonging within the community and that is something we value now more than ever.”