It has been a year in which connections have been tested and strengthened like never before.

Being ‘in this together’ has never had such resonance and the ways in which we have forged bonds between friends and colleagues in the adversity of a three month lockdown will leave many feeling stronger as we emerge.

While we have all been apart, the wonders of technology have perhaps enable closer contact than might ever have been the case.

On Thursday, June 25th Sport for Business, in partnership again with AIG, will launch the third edition of the Game Changer network.

It is a way of bringing players making their way in the world of sport together with a mentor from the world of business so that both can share experience and develop a bond that can benefit them both in ways that can be many and varied.

Register to join us for one hour that could transform the way you see the world of sport and business.

Register to Join us here

If you are in Sport:

Build a connection that can help you manage your time or even begin the transition out of the highest levels of competition.

Introduce yourself, your sport and the energy you put into it to a new person who can give you a different perspective.

If you are in Business:

Lend a helping hand to someone who may excel in their chosen field but may need some guidance on the next stage of their personal development.

Get a connection to a young woman in sport who may be about to embark on the greatest journey of their life and help her to connect with a national audience.


There are no limits to what you can achieve together, no barriers to having a look and seeing what might emerge.

To give a flavour of what the Sport for Business AIG game Changer could be like for you, here is a recap on how it was the first time around…

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