Sport for DaughtersSport for Daughters is a simple initiative which Sport for Business will launch in the autumn, to add strength at younger levels to the growing importance of Women’s sport. It will enable parents to make a statement about wanting to provide their daughters with equal opportunity in sport.

In order to develop a lifelong love of sport, young girls need role models who will inspire them to keep going.

Boys have no end of such models whether it be Johnny Sexton, Bernard Brogan or Robbie Keane but for girls it can be harder to identify the stars they can aspire to be.

It does not need to be that way.

Sport for Daughters will be a simple online pledge which will commit individuals to bring their daughter, niece, godchild or sister to at least one sporting event involving Women rather than the traditional norm of a men’s game.

Each week we will provide up to date details on key events and matches, where they are taking place, who they might hope to see and how to get there.

It could be anything from boxing to athletics, camogie to hockey, ladies football to the Women’s National League in soccer.

We will be working with sporting organisations, other media and sponsors to bring this programme to life.

We will be holding workshops for interested parties where we will outline the potential scope of the project, the business opportunities that will enhance corporate reputation and the ways in which we can help sport and it’s stars to step out of the margins and into the mainstream lives of those who they can inspire to a life of sporting involvement.

We hope you will lend your support to this initiative and bring the world of sport closer for the next generation.

Please contact us today if you would like to be a part of building Sport for Daughters.

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