It is a perennial favourite and one that has unearthed some incredible talent within our sector over the past five years.

Today we are delighted to open up the nomination process for the Sport for Business 30 under 30 for 2022, in partnership as ever with our friends at PwC.

Who do you work with that has shone over the past twelve months or more and is deserving of recognition as they rise through their career?

Over the past week, we have refreshed the ‘alumni’ that have been put forward and put in the spotlight for their achievements since we began this feature in 2017.

We will also be launching a brand new podcast series where we will speak with some of those that have gone before about how they have forged their career up to this point.


The criteria for submission is that the person should be working within the sports industry, or in a sponsorship or agency capacity that is bringing sport to life, and that they should be born in or after 1992.

You are invited to submit names and a short precis of why an individual deserves to be recognised below.

Our ambition from the start has been to create a network of people making a real difference within our industry.

Who should we be looking to for the next wave of excellence?

This is not the time to be shy, this is an opportunity to put forward those you have come across that have struck you as having real potential, or indeed for you to put yourself forward.

It’s not about where you are now. It’s all about where you could get to with the right breaks.

The list publication for this year starts on Monday, March 7th.