Trinity College Dublin’s sports department has created a team based virtual running challenge to raise funds for the charitable trusts of St James’, St Vincents and Tallaght Hospital Charitable Trusts.

Anyone who watched the RTÉ programmes over the last two nights inside the pandemic response at St James’ will have been struck by the immense scale of what was undertaken on a daily basis to combat the virus and give comfort to those who it took from families and loved ones.

The Challenge will take place on July 18th and involves teams of runners from groups, clubs and organisations who will take part together and help raise funds to go directly towards purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, hospital mobile workstations to reduce the rate of infection among healthcare workers and a much-needed healing garden which is currently being planned for St. James Hospital.

There are already teams from internally across the College and this morning the call is going out to Sport for Business members to join them and do something together within your own teams that will make a real difference.

The Frontline Heroes virtual challenge can take place anywhere in the world and at your own pace on Saturday, 18th July 2020 from 8am – 9pm.

The virtual event offers three different challenges for participating teams to walk, jog or run including a 45km distance for those looking for a slightly less strenuous day, a 100km distance and a challenging 250km distance for experienced runners.

The virtual Greenway Challenge (distance of 45km): Complete the virtual distance of the Waterford Greenway from Waterford City to Dungarvan. This distance requires a min of 3 people per group (running 15km each) and a maximum of 6 people per group (running 7.5km each).

The virtual Giants Causeway Challenge (distance of 100km): Complete the virtual distance of the scenic Giants Causeway. This distance requires a min of 5 people per group (running 20km each) and a maximum of 10 people per group (running 10km each).

The virtual Coast to Coast Challenge (distance of 250km): Complete the ultimate virtual challenge from the East to the West of Ireland. This distance requires a min of 6 participants per group (running 42km each) and a maximum of 20 people per group (running 12.5km each).

It is for a great cause, has been imaginatively put together and could provide a winning boost for teams edging back towards the resumption of a new normal working environment.

If you are interested on behalf of your organisation you can take a look and register right here.

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