Limerick is set to host another European Championship this summer with the news that the Roundnet European Championships will take place there this coming August.

Over 500 participants will travel from 15 European countries to attend the Championships in the University of Limerick on the 6th and 7th of August.

Limerick was chosen to host the European championships for this new alternative sport, which is played in parks, on beaches and in back gardens parks, beaches, and back gardens following a bid by Roundnet Ireland in collaboration with UL and the support of Failté Ireland, Shannon Conference and Sports Bureau and Limerick City and County Council.

The European Championships were first awarded to Ireland in 2019 but were postponed until this year due to Covid.

A relatively new but rapidly growing sport, Roundnet first started in the US in 2011 and has grown significantly in Ireland since it was introduced in 2017. The European Championships in Limerick will be the biggest event in the history of European Roundnet.


The sport is a combination of several elements of popular sports such as volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and tennis. It is played by two people per team. Each team is only allowed to touch a maximum of three times as in volleyball. The game begins with a service from one team to another, and each team takes turns hitting the ball back into the net which is shaped like a mini trampoline. The equipment used in the game is called Spikeball.

The European Tour series is taking place this summer with four grand slams in Romania, UK, Latvia and Germany, and finishes with the European Championships in Limerick when the best European teams will be crowned European champions in men’s, women’s and mixed divisions.

This will be the last tournament before the first ever world championships which will be hosted in Belgium.

“Roundnet Ireland were honoured to be selected as the European Championships hosts back in 2019, but of course in 2020 everything changed,” said Founder Simon Leonard.

“Now, three years from the last Euro’s, we are finally getting to fulfil our dream of hosting 500 players from 15 countries at the number one sports campus in Europe, The University of Limerick.”


“The great thing about Roundnet is that it’s for everyone – from those that don’t have a sport to the ultimate athlete. It’s easy to pick up, inclusive and social and it is bringing together players in sports like GAA, Rugby and soccer with those who like to play sports for fun.”

“The European Championships are a great opportunity for amateur players across the country to witness the sport at its highest level and register their interest in playing for Ireland in the future.”

“With weekly training and regular tournaments, Roundnet Ireland provides a fun and welcoming environment for all ages that allows you to get your exercise in while meeting new people,” added Ellie Lambe, Head of Women’s Roundnet in Ireland.

“The number of women playing Roundnet in Ireland is growing through introducing the sport to schools, colleges and workplaces. It’s also growing the confidence of our players from the start and this can be seen in our standard of play.”


“Limerick has built an outstanding reputation for hosting large-scale International sporting events,” said local Councillor Azad Talukder.

“Attracting such a prestigious event provides us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase what Limerick has to offer to a worldwide audience. We are looking forward to welcoming the best Roundnet players in Europe to Limerick this August to see who will be crowned the European Champions. The response to Roundnet in Ireland over the last five years has been phenomenal and it’s very exciting for Limerick to be part of the growth of the sport. Congratulations to everyone involved, we look forward to seeing the games take off and welcoming so many European visitors to our city and county.”

“Our ability to attract such events to the Shannon region is due to the world-class facilities at the University of Limerick and the strategic and collaborative approach taken by the Shannon Region Conference and Sports Bureau, Failte Ireland and the University of Limerick,” said Karen Brosnahan of the Shannon Region Conference and Sports Bureau.

“Such sporting events provide a huge economic boost for Limerick and Ireland.”

The University of Limerick will also host the World U21 Lacrosse Championships between August 10th and 20th.




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