Each week we bring you a taste of what is happening around the commercial world of esports. We will focus on advances in the Irish sector when there are some, as well as on some of the commercial deals which are taking place and fuelling the rapid growth of this area within the world of sport.


The BBC iPlayer streaming service is to show more than 120 hours of content across the next three months from three separate esports tournaments.

The mainstream public service broadcaster got involved in esports this year during lockdown and has previously shown a number of tournaments.

This latest deal will see it carry coverage of the Fall Showdown, Fall Final and Global Final Counter-Strike tournaments produced by Blast Premier.


The Queens Gaming Collective has been formally launched in order to provide greater opportunity for female competitors, content creators and streamers in what remains a male-dominated world of esports.

The group is said to have supporters from senior management in Amazon, TikTok and Twitch and to have raised a little over 1 million in seed round funding to get up and running.

“Queens is changing the game,” said Co-Founder and CEO Alisa Jacobs.

“Gaming is a lifestyle, and Queens is a global movement built for and led by diverse women dedicated to radical representation, economic inclusion, and collaboration over competition.”

“Beyond a lifestyle brand, we’re building a community that celebrates the successes and advancement of our creators.”

A number of DJ’s creators and players are already understood to have signed up as well as a first commercial partner in Razer.


The NFL has announced that the 2021 Pro Bowl, an exhibition game featuring players from teams not competing in the annual Super Bowl and held the week before the big game in February, will be staged as a virtual gaming event this year.

Original plans to stage the game in Las Vegas have been shelved due to the Covid-19 pandemic and instead will transition to “a week-long series of matchups featuring celebrities, NFL Legends, current players, and streamers playing as the official Pro Bowl rosters in Madden NFL 21.”

The voting on who should play is a combination of public vote and that of players and coaches.

Announcements of the players who have been nominated will take place in-game in what will be a major boost for the dominant ‘Madden’ game that is run by the NFL and Electonic Arts.

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