Amid the many celebrations of Liverpool’s first English Premier League Title in 30 years, Carlsberg’s as a club sponsor was among the smartest… probably.

The Danish brewer has produced a limited edition ‘Champions Can’. and fans can win one bin a social media competition by visiting the Carlsberg Ireland Facebook page.

The limited-edition packaging sees Carlsberg switch its iconic green colour to Liverpool FC’s equally iconic red.

The ‘Champions Can’ features the Liverpool FC’s crest, player signatures and replaces the words ‘1847 onwards’ (a reference to Carlsberg’s 173-year heritage) with the words ‘Champions, 2020 onwards’.

Last night, Liverpool FC were confirmed as Premier League champions following Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City at Stamford Bridge. After an incredible season, Liverpool has won the title with seven matches to spare.

The ‘Champions Can’ has been produced for Liverpool fans in 23 countries across the world including Ireland, Australia, China, India, Malaysia and the USA.

“As a long-standing partner of Liverpool FC, we’re delighted to be celebrating the team’s incredible season together with fans across Ireland,” said Carlsberg Marketing Manager Colum Campbell.

“Our role is to make football even better for the fans, and hopefully this will make their celebrations even sweeter.”

Carlsberg’s partnership with Liverpool FC is the longest in the Premier League, spanning 27 seasons.

In 2019, Carlsberg worked with its brewmasters and scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Copenhagen to brew an all red beer especially for Liverpool FC fans.

The all red label, bottle and brew celebrated legendary manager Bill Shankly’s famous decision to turn the club’s kit all red – with the view that teams in red win more.

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