Visa is honouring its commitment to a roster of over 90 Team Visa athletes, offering them the opportunity to extend their relationship with us into 2021, despite the postponement of the Olympic Games by 12 months to July and August 2021.

This decision was made early and reported by Sport for Business on March 31st this year within days of the decision on the Olympic postponement.

Irish Olympic medallists Paul and Gary O’Donovan represent Team Visa in Ireland.

“Team Visa athletes are selected based on athletic achievements, character and personal journey, and Paul and Gary O’Donovan join the most diverse programme of athletes in Team Visa history, representing 51 countries, with athletes across over 30 sporting disciplines,” said Visa Country Manager in Ireland, Philip Konopik.

“With less than a year to go, we are now looking ahead to Tokyo 2020 in 2021. Japan, the third-largest economy in the world, has an amazing culture that has a foot in the past and one in the future.”

“Despite the postponement, Visa is committed to ensuring the best onsite digital payment experience for athletes, fans and citizens in support of the Japanese Government’s “Cashless Japan” initiative to double the total of payments made digitally to 40 per cent by 2025.”

“At what will probably be the most innovative Olympic and Paralympic Games yet, Visa is in a unique position to help the Olympic Games become a catalyst for delivering the best in digital payments to Japan and beyond.”

“Since 2000, we have supported and celebrated over 500 Olympic and Paralympic Games hopefuls through Team Visa and have provided tools and resources to succeed in sport and daily life.”

“The recent postponement does not change this commitment. We look forward to the Olympic Games and are thrilled to have Paul and Gary O’Donovan as part of Team Visa.”