Good Vibes by GOAL is a weeklong wellness event aimed at organisations and individuals and bringing a wealth of wellness content to life throughout the week of April 26th to 30th

Daily online sessions will cover topics ranging from motivation and mental health to fitness and healthy eating.

There is a strong sporting flavour to the week with sessions by Ciara Mageean on Thursday, and Easkey Britton on Friday afternoon.

Luke O’Neill, Deirdre McSwiney and Pat Divilly are among the other speakers.

Aside from being a boost for staff members primarily working on their own from home, the event is also a fundraiser for Goal raising support for some of the worlds most vulnerable communities.

The event will culminate with a raffle on the final day with each organisation awarding an extra day’s annual leave and wellness prizes to one lucky winner.

Organisations and individuals can register now. It promises to be a week where we can all focus on the importance of our own wellbeing, as well as that of others.



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