To those of a certain age, Texaco will always be associated with the Sports Stars Awards that bore their name.

In 2021 the brand returns to the sporting sphere by virtue of Texaco Support for Sport, an initiative which will award €5,000 to one club in each of the 26 counties in the Republic.

The prize fund of €130,000 is open to any club regardless of sporting discipline, size, membership, age, cultural appeal or gender.

A key element in the judging process will be their ability to show how their ambitions will be ‘materially advanced through the receipt and proper use of funding.’

That process will be led by Texaco Support for Sport ambassador Donncha O’Callaghan. 


“From my knowledge of sports clubs, gained at junior, senior and international level, I know how beneficial the Texaco Support for Sport initiative will be by bringing a much needed benefit to clubs when it is least expected,” he told us yesterday at the launch.

“Now more than ever, our clubs and volunteers need our support. I am really looking forward to reviewing the online applications, which provides clubs with the opportunity to showcase their importance to their local communities, and then seeing the recipients enjoy the benefit of this great initiative.” 

“In our cities, towns and villages, sports clubs are the magnets to which so many of us are drawn, homes-from-home where we meet and enjoy the friendship and camaraderie that sport offers and that all members and supporters share,” said James Twohig, Director of Ireland Operations, Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited.

“By offering a new and innovative route to funding, we believe that the Texaco Support for Sport initiative will help uphold the unique values and characteristics that countless numbers of dedicated club members work so hard to preserve, whilst giving new expression to the cherished relationship that exists between the Texaco brand and generations of Irish sports enthusiasts.”


Sports clubs can apply for funding from the Texaco Support for Sport from the 1 October 2020, the only requirement being that they be properly constituted and hold a valid Games and Sports Number (GS Number) issued by the Office of the Revenue Commissioners.

Those wishing to apply are invited to submit full details of their sporting activity, the purpose for which the funding is sought and the use to which it will be put. Full details of the scheme and its operation – together with registration, application, validation, adjudication and terms and conditions – are available to view at

The Sport for Business Sports Club Hub will host a discussion next month on some of the ways that clubs might prepare themselves to go forward for the Awards.  If you would be interested in joining us email us today to register your potential interest, quoting Sports Club Hub in the Subject Line.

The closing date for applications is the 31 December 2020 with adjudication taking place in January 2021.