Garth Brooks has just announced a third date for his trip to Ireland next September and it now looks inevitable that the ‘drive for five’ will be executed eight years after it was originally planned.

Tickets for the first two dates on the 9th and 10th September went on sale at 8 AM this morning and the queue was longer online than you could imagine for any other sporting or entertainment event.

Just after 8:30, it was announced on Garth Brooks’ Social media channels that he would indeed be playing a third date and the queue for that is equally long.

Social media is littered with screen gabs saying that people are 100,000+ in the queue.

Permission has been granted for outdoor concerts on the three confirmed dates plus two more on September 16th and 17th.

These will be in addition to the two concert dates announced by Ed Sheeran for the stadium on April 23rd and 24th.

They will be the first to be staged at the venue since Westlife played two sold-out nights in 2019. None were scheduled for 2020 so the Covid lockdowns had less of an impact on budgets than might have been the case but the return of live gigs in 2022 will be a significant financial boost for the GAA.

Published figures from 2018 revealed that the gross revenue from U2’s concert at the venue came to €8.4 million and while there is no breakdown of how much of that would have gone to the venue, the total revenue from stadium hire that year came to €4.48 million.

If the five confirmed concerts are added to, as looks inevitable, it will generate record revenue for the stadium at a time when the Association is rebuilding its financial strength.

Croke Park has been billed as the only European venue he will play in 2022.

When he was scheduled to play here in 2014 he sold out almost 400,000 tickets over five nights. The concerts were subsequently cancelled when permission was only granted for three. The gap was filled by One Direction who played two nights that year.

The American Country star remains as popular as ever. A concert in Nebraska in August of this year sold out 86,000 seats in just over an hour.

Dublin has just knocked that into a cocked hat because ‘that’s what cowboys do’.

The Sport for Business Perspective:

The revenue which Irish sporting venues draw from the hire of the stadium for concerts as well as for conferences and exhibitions is substantial and important. In 2018, when the Stadium hire revenue line was 4.48 million, that was 15 % of the value of the entire Championship ticket sales for matches. If there are to be seven dates in 2022, that figure will be substantially higher and will be additional revenue as opposed to substitutional. With all GAA revenues being retained within the sport that is a winning result like few others could be. 



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